For performing artists and others intrigued by issues of embodiment, these workshops are a practical introduction to a range of approaches for using advanced video processing techniques to create interactive systems.

Through a combination of demonstrations, discussion and experiential exercises, workshop participants gain practical experience with intermedia performance concepts and techniques, using the Active Space system as a framework for exploration. The workshop covers a selection of commercially-available products and open-source media programming tools, typically including Max, Jitter, Quartz Composer, Syphon and Hap, plus the ASpace custom software components developed by John Crawford. A collaborative learning environment encourages exploration of the media objects and provides opportunities for investigating issues of embodied human-computer interaction, developing and deepening vocabularies and techniques for structured improvisation, mediated performance and responsive system design.

The workshops will be of particular interest to dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, scenic and lighting designers, directors, actors, visual artists, animators, filmmakers, interface designers, computer scientists, engineers, architects, and anyone intrigued by issues of embodiment, technology and interactive experience.

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